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JOIN THE MOVEMENT....Become part of the WhyWeiser Co-Op online community and join YOUR voice with ours in promoting the wonderful town of Weiser.

The purpose for WhyWEISER.com is to create an online destination where visitors turn to for information about local businesses, community events, shopping, and services.

By becoming a member of the WWMC, you are joining YOUR power and influence with other Weiser Businesses giving ALL members greater strength through a united effort to showcase and market our town and YOUR business.

What is the WhyWeiser Co-Op?

In 2008 WhyWeiser.com was created by a local web design company, J&S Design House, to highlight and promote the town of Weiser by showcasing businesses, services, and events that make our town unique and special.

In 2012 WhyWeiser.com as a business entity became incorporated under the name of "Why Weiser Marketing Co-operative, LLC" (WWMC). WWMC is currently taking the necessary steps to become a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation. In layman's terms, a 501(c)(6) organization is one that is granted tax-exempt status by the IRS provided that it is not created as a for-profit business. Earnings of the 501(c)(6) organization do not benefit a private shareholder or individual. Any earnings must be put back into the organization to further its cause. Organizations that fall in this category include business leagues. A business league is an association of persons with a common business interest. WWMC is such an organization, with the “common business interest” being that of marketing the town of Weiser.

(Read more: What Is a 501 C (6) Organization?)



For question or more information on how to join please contact

Jon Kammerman


WhyWeiser? - small town. BIG LIFE. Weiser, Idaho, is a small town with big ideas. From unique art and excellent dining to beautiful natural scenery, a new surprise greets you around every friendly corner.

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